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Someone once said that satan's greatest deception ever was to convince people that he did not exist. I agree and would go on to say that his second greatest deception was the same lie about the existence of his demons.

Who cares about demons anyway? If that is your contention, you are in the right place. While you may not be concerned about the demons the Bible speaks of, I'm sure you care about the well-being of your family, friends and certainly yourself. So then the question comes, "What does the well-being of those I love, including myself, have to do with the biblical reality of demons?"

What if I told you that there is Biblical evidence that most depression is caused directly by demons and not a chemical imbalance? What if I told you that there is Biblical evidence that all suicides are linked to demons, if not the direct cause? What if I told you that there is Biblical evidence that those feelings and emotions you operate off of are like a fiddle in the hands of these demons that are standing beside you at this very moment? What if I told you that the very reason you are about to leave this website and venture on to another is a direct result of the demon voices being whispered at your very soul right now in an attempt to keep you ignorant of this life ruining, relationship devouring, ruthless enemy that is worse than any cancer the world has ever seen?

You should really hang out for a while, your life could depend on it. Click on The Truth About Demons tab above to get started but before you continue on, let me apologize for not being a "Master Web Designer" ! Hopefully as this ministry grows I'll find someone who can make this site look decent and function normally, but for now, it's all about the written Truth. My spelling and even grammer might be a little off from time to time but you should get the message if you are able to overlook my own flaws. After you read the info under The Truth About Demons tab, then click to other areas of the site, we just need to take care of some important business first, nothing to do with money, other more important stuff...